MANG2049 Digital Profile – Self Test at start of module

Rating at start of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information 4 Accessing and researching online information was always a norm for assignments but evaluating them was quite challenging. There was a need to sieve out only the most relevant and reliable information.
Participating in online communities 1 I have minimal experience participating in online communities. Only happened once, but it’s still very new to me and I am not used to it.
Building online networks around an area of interest 1 I have never set up any online networks with others. Not very clear about how to do that either.
Collaborating with others 4 Collaborating with others over the internet was almost a daily affair for every assignment given. It was very effective. However, it was quite difficult to provide detailed explanations over the internet.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) 2 Previous assignments required the need to create videos, audio and text. But it was only once or twice, so I am still learning how to do it.
Managing your online identity 3 I barely have any pictures of myself on social networking sites because I am quite inactive.
Managing your online privacy and security 3 Disclosure of personal information is minimal because I know how it can be easily manipulated. Only general information about me can be found. Most of my accounts are private and only open to a limited circle of family and friends.

According to the self test , I realized that I am quite experienced regarding digital literacy although still not quite there yet. This is reflected by the total score of 18/35 which is equivalent to just a pass.

However, I have pretty good experience when it comes to collaborating with others over the internet as well as accessing/managing information. Google docs was a digital tool that I used most of the time during my previous school days for group assignments and I am really skilled with it. Moreover, researching for information and applying them in my projects was like a daily routine. However, I don’t have that much experience regarding online identity and privacy since I rarely access the social networking sites that I have. Rather, I used them for submitting school work or liaising with fellow students and teachers.

I hope to see more improvements in my score as the module progresses 🙂


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