Topic 1: Reflective Summary on Digital Visitors and Residents

It has been such an enriching process reading the blog posts of my fellow classmates regarding their views on Digital Visitors and Residents. I have been able to find relatable points to the topic itself as well as varying answers regarding certain issues.

Relating to Yishin’s post, she mentioned that even though a resident may seemingly be adroit in technology due to the extensive periods of time they spend on it, it does not prove that they are indeed highly literate. It depends on the fact that they are able to handle the digital tools at ease which allows for them to utilize the web efficaciously. In addition, it was highlighted that everyone could either be a visitor or resident in accordance to the different situations, an issue that I should have more in-depth explanation for. It is inevitable for anyone to be in either category because of the different situations they are in. For example, she explains how she’s a resident on Instagram and facebook but a visitor when it comes to tumblr and twitter because of the difference in the extent of usage and the online presence she has on them.

Picking up on Amanda’s post, I liked that she explained how visitors find online expression and exposure of their daily lives as bizarre and unnecessary. Especially since, there is a high risk of hackers, imposters and stalkers prevalent on these social networking platforms. They do not see the need to expose their information, their pictures or their personal lives for everyone and anyone to view.

In a nutshell, I was able to better understand issues regarding the distinction of a visitor and a resident and that people can fall in either categories in different contexts. This has been such an insightful topic to be honest.


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