Topic 3 : Developing authetic professional online profile

Why create a professional online profile for recruitment you may asked? Times have changed, companies are now driven by the competition to secure outstanding talents before the rest. Especially since its more economical and there is understandably a more diverse range of applicants they are able to find online. In addition, companies are then able to rectify high staff turnover and sustain the needs for part time workers during festive or seasonal periods.

To fuel this understanding , some statistics are as follow; 94% of recruiters are using or intend to use social networking sites for hiring purposes, also companies discovered a 49% enhancement in the qualities of their newly hired employees. Hence the benefits here have overruled the costs for companies, and individuals should take notice of this adjustment in recruitment strategy. Since chances of landing a job via traditional ways have dwindled, its time to turn to social media platforms which has proven to be very well adopted.

How then to creating a favourable professional online profile?

First & foremost, create several social networking profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Establish an online presence on these various medias. Follow the accounts of potential employers and staff. Design a professional and refreshing profile summary inclusive of an individual’s credentials, interests and details to market oneself. Connect with the people within the company’s network, get engaged with them, learn more about their current developments and communicate your presence and interests about the job to them. For example, get involved with the company’s tweets, carry out relevant conversations about the broached topic so as form positive relations with them.
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Example of Creative Resume

Create an Infographic to capture the attention of visitors, followers and even potential recruiters. Videos are good forms of marketing tools for an individual due to the amount of content that can be covered in a matter of minutes. This can be done using Youtube, instagram or even, and attach them to the various social networking sites to raise awareness. Use this opportunity to sell the unique points of yourself to the companies you are interested in.

Always avoid getting embroiled in debates on controversial topics with other people. Things may well spiral out of control and the consequences will be unimaginable. Social media platforms have proven time and again to impact people’s lives either positively or negatively. Being careful and staying professional provides the individual with a positive image while bearing in mind that companies tend to infer a lot about an individual’s personality from their online presence and actions. Justine Sacco route to her downfall will serve as a reminder for all as well as future marketeers like me on maintaining professional online behaviour. A rash mistake like hers would result in long lasting damage to an individual’s career and life.


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