Topic 3: Reflective Summary on developing authentic professional online profile


While working on this topic, it has allowed me to carry out a fair amount of research to figure why and how crucial it is to establish a professional online profile. However, I have discovered many more important points to be highlighted with regards to creating one after going through several readings on various blogs.

I realized the risks that an individual has to face when it comes to their professional online profile. There are so many considerations that one has to bear in mind because if they are not cautious enough with their profile, they might have to pay a price. I actually learnt a new term from Weijie about defensive googling, for which the main idea would be for the individual to carry out a self-check on his/her name to ensure the right profile pops up. This is to prevent any records that could be a misrepresentation of an individual’s actual background with a person of similar details. Because of this mishap, the individual would then be shortchanged of the job opportunities he/she deserved.

Furthermore, I find the term authentic subjective to how an individual may want to establish their online profile. The word itself withholds many connotations. Also, an individual is encouraged to present the realest side of them but yet not cross boundaries that could penalize their future career and life. Thus, the limits set might be a little challenging to achieve. But I strongly believe that individuals should practice self-discipline when it comes to being authentic. Individuals are in control of their actions and they should keep in mind the openness of the internet, so self-discipline is extremely important. Never put yourself in a disadvantageous position, because every statement made, is and can be recorded online.


In a nutshell, I feel that establishing a professional online profile requires a huge amount of effort and dedication from every individual. As the saying goes : “you reap what you sow”.

I have made another comment on Jueyin’s blog.


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