Topic 5: Yes or No?


Topic 5 has thus far been the most disputable issue that has been discussed. It should be noted that a content producer has equally beneficial as well as equally disadvantageous factors that comes with open access. Several classmates have even explained their opinions from a student perspective as well as a researcher perspective.


Chloe used Youtube as an example to illustrate how anyone can be a creator of their own videos. These people spend time and effort to produce a video containing all sorts of content for the world to see, all for free. These videos can be picture collages, a short skit, a video log or even lyrical videos that have been painstakingly edited and produced. Then what do they gain you may ask? Simply viewers who can relate or enjoy watching the videos they make. These viewers will then multiply and become subscribers who gets notified when a new video is uploaded. For which the amount of views and subscribers translates into earnings for these Youtubers. Companies would then attempt to market their products by sponsoring these Youtuber to get their products featured in this videos.

In this sense, open access is put into place and it does not seem to be disadvantageous for the content producer on Youtube at all. It seems like the pros are indefinitely more than the cons. Which differs from usual content producers for articles, journals and so on.


While, Constance explained that the public expectations for free content of high quality seem to undermine the efforts of content producers. This could lead to content producers being more reluctant to publish their works for free for not being appreciated. However, content producers have to understand that the general public sees them as reliable authors with information more useful than other sources.

I would like to reiterate my stand regarding this issue especially since the pros and cons are equally significant for most content producers. It would be favourable for content producers with little to no recognition to have their works published free especially if its highly demanded. After they have amassed some online presence, they should consider having selective works restricted for purchase. The general public will come to realize the quality and usefulness of a certain author, hence, they would not mind paying for certain content.


My comments on Constance and Jierun’s blogposts.


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