The best takeaways



A self-test on my digital literacy at the beginning of this module reflected a pass of 18/35. However, looking at my latest results, I have fared well in most categories. Credits to this module, which has provided me a great deal of opportunities to learn about living and working on the web by blogging and especially when it comes to establishing a professional profile, amassing online presence as well as connecting with people of similar interests.

(Click on the screenshot image below for the link to my Linkedin profile)


LINKEDIN : In all honesty, I wasn’t too sure about how to use this platform and the purpose of having it before I embarked on this module. Linkedin isn’t like the usual social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, etc, it is a professional platform used for career building and networking with people of similar interests and expertise. After creating my professional profile, I realized just how great a networking resource it is for marketers like me. I get to link my profile to other professional marketers as well as engage in them regarding their job openings, events and so on. I can see myself being the most active on this platform and I will strive to establish a greater presence on it so that it interests and attracts prospective employers.

(Click on screenshot image below for the link to my facebook)


Facebook: My Facebook profile has always been clean and it is open to only a small handful of friends that I keep in touch with.

(Click on screenshot image below for the link to my personal & professional twitter account respectively)


Twitter: The different issues that was discussed in my previous blog-posts have provided me with a different perspective. I feel that social media platforms require careful management. Thus, I have decided to establish a new twitter account to be used professionally and to connect with other marketing companies. I have followed several marketing accounts to monitor their latest developments and updates.



Reflecting on Topic 1 to 5, I have come to realized just how much I have picked up on working and learning via the web as well as the issues surrounding the online world from an individual’s perspective.

Topic 1 showed me that an individual’s drive and interest is what sets them apart as digital residents and visitors not age.

Topics 2 and 3 taught me the pros and cons of multiple online identities and the ways to manage them with caution. Especially when it comes to having a significant professional online profile that would provide me with better job opportunities and prospects.

Topic 4 made me understand the impact of social media platforms when it comes to making or breaking a person’s future. I learned to be more discreet when using these platforms because I know people are viewing my posts. A simple screenshot and retweet by others can make a post go viral and the individual subjected to ridicule.


Topic 5 helped me realize the importance of open access to the general public and the content producers, for which a give and take situation might be the best solution to the issue at hand.

In a nutshell, I have taken away so much from this module and from the lecturers. I realized the importance of maintaining a blog, studying online issues, having a linkedin professional profile, an online presence and online networking. I will keep up with this manner of working on the web by continuing to blog about my thoughts on marketing issues or even about the online world as long as time permits.



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